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What if Everybody Ran?

Mizuno launched an ad campaign in March with 16 second spots on how the world would be different if everyone ran. They employed a group of MBA students from a University of North Carolina business school to generate statistics based on potential benefits of 270 million sedentary Americans were to start running at least 30 minutes a week. more

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Breakfasts of Champions

It's well known that skipping or skimping on breakfast is a bad idea, increasing risk of overeating later in the day, leading to obesity and risk of type 2 diabetes. Missing breakfast can also negatively affect your memory and mood. Below are some of my favorite breakfasts to keep me properly fueled for the day. more

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Running Helps with Depression in Older People

Bob Glover, author of the bestselling “The Competitive Runner’s Handbook," (which I bought when I first started running) recently wrote about when he was Athletic Director at New York's West Side YMCA in 1975, he recruited Robin Williams onto his YMCA team. For a short time they trained together and raced together. Then Williams disappeared to become a comedian/actor superstar. more

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