Spring into Action: 5 Things You'll Want When This Season Warms Up

Spring into Action: 5 Things You'll Want When This Season Warms Up

  1. Handheld Bottle Carrier. You've been on the treadmill inside all winter long, so it's time to properly stretch out those legs with some shorter distance runs. These lightweight carriers will be easy to take with you for your sun-kissed sprint.
  2. Sports Pack. Were you picturing being outdoors while it was 32 degrees out? Now that things are turning nature-friendly, you can finally hit some trails and maybe do some hiking too. Don't forget a handy sports pack to lug around your trail mix.
  3. Runphones. It's a pair of headphones and a stylish headband rolled all up into one--so much better than throwing your headphones cord over the treadmill handles to keep it out of your way.
  4. Zippable running tops. We can't guarantee that running outside will have the same constant temperature of your local Y. That said, you're going to need a quick-fix adjustment when things start to heat up while you're running with the wind. A short-sleeve running top will be just what you need to unzip and cool down for the rest of your run.
  5. Caps. Maybe it goes without saying, but the sun's out! No need to squint the entire five miles of your jog. Get a good one, and get one that's light.

What do you think? What are some spring essentials you'll need to grab to ease back into the season?


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