Fun Alternatives to Running for the 4th of July Weekend

With at least a day off work, barbecues, fireworks and family trips, a lot of people will take a break from their regular running routine. To avoid feeling sluggish from multiple days off, here's some activities that can keep the blood flowing.

Take a hike. Whether it's to the local pond, suburban trails or some serious nature hiking, it's something the whole family can do.

Bikeride. It can also serve as a good mode of transportation, such as avoiding driving in traffic when the crowds are out.

Frisbee. A relaxing activity at the beach or in the yard, and an opportunity to do some barefoot sprints. If have a group who can play a game of ultimate frisbee, even better!

Volleyball. This popular summer sport may be hard to play well, but nearly anyone can play. I played in a league after not touching a volleyball in nearly 20 years!

Yard games. There's lots of simple and relatively inexpensive options you can play, from badminton to ring toss games, bocce ball, and croquet. Remember Jarts? Those might have been banned due to too many injuries! Have fun, and don't be a sore loser!

Tell us about your 4th of July weekend activities!

Tony has been a runner for over three decades, competing in cross country and track in high school and college, and road races for various clubs. He's served as team captain for several Corporate Challenge teams at YMCA of the USA, and has informally coached many friends over the years.

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