The World is Your Delicious Oyster and Other Adventures

If you’re horrified that your child is tasting their way through the world, rest assured that someone else’s child has already been there.

Do I detect notes of goat, onion, and cumin in your armpit?

Escape from it all for Memorial Day! ('All’ but people; expect them to be everywhere!)

Locating to that new country will be hard on your kids.

Ratings for livable cities aside, consider the values of your new home country before unpacking.

Your backyard might be that getaway you’re looking for.

Today in oxymorons: food trucks as a destination.

That wondrous color exists only in nature and in the Pantone catalog.

Wondering who wants to watch that video of you giving birth? Well, the person you birthed, of course! (This is very sweet and not at all like health class!)

Everyone had a mother, but everyone does not still have a mother. Poetic reflections for the unmothered.

Woman tries to work while wearing new baby, uproar ensues!

What had you in an uproar last week? Or in mild bemusement? Share it with us below!


Andrea Lee is a mom who’s winging it, just like everyone else. 

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