Synchronize Your Watches: It’s Flip-Flop Time!

We’re itching in our britches to leave school behind and get out into summer. Into the long summer afternoons when the days stretch into night and watermelon drips down our elbows. Tie up loose ends at school and get ready, it’s coming.

The life of Maya Angelou was lost last week, but her memory will endure.

Warning: this link will expose you to peanuts.

Last year, the end of school was captured in hilarious detail by this mom. Worth a re-read!

But can you spell any word from the urban dictionary?

I hope you kept the receipt for that wooden apple. Here’s what your child’s teacher would really like.

And in return, commencement wisdom for the toddling set.

Protect yourself from those endless summer days.

Your kiddos will have 24 hours of free time every day for the next three months. Get ready.

Better yet, send them to camp! (Families welcome!)

Seriously, camp is awesome sauce.

Adorable predictions from 100 years ago. (One came true!)

Escape at a moment’s notice! Mentally, at least.

Let’s make this the best summer ever.

How are you marking the end of the school year? What are you planning (--or not planning!) to do this summer?


Andrea Lee is a mom who’s winging it, just like everyone else. 

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