Sum Sum Summertime

Yes, summertime is on the brain around here!  How is your family spending the long sunny days?  My free-time online is largely spent looking up family swim hours at our Y, but the following links managed to make their way into my web surfing this past week. 

Speaking of marshmallows, a few of you have sent over your favorite homemade marshmallow recipes.  This one from the one and only Martha Stewart was the most popular, so I’ll definitely give it a try.

I dig it when bloggers ask the general internet universe for baby name ideas.  What suggestions do you have?

Been looking for summer reading lists for the kids, and quick Google search yields Amazon Summer Reading for Kids; Summer Books for Kids by Nick Jr; and Scholastic’s Summer Reading Challenge.  I’m hoping it’s not too late to create a summer book club with the kids in the neighborhood!

There are less than six months until Christmas!  How quickly the year goes by, no?

A first time visit to an Oakland A’s game: looks like it was just so much fun!  There’s nothing that quite captures to vibrant joy of summer quite like a baseball game.

This list of at-home exercises you can do with kids caught my eye.  We take walks and go swimming as a family, but for some reason the idea of doing classic calisthenics never occurred to me!  Would you do any of these with your kids?

Let me know your thoughts!


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