Rainy Vacation

What started out as a well-intended camping trip—with pre-trip plans of canoeing on serene lakes, building castles along the beach, and burning marshmallows for s’mores have made way to rain.  Thankfully, not non-stop, pouring rain, but indeed enough rain that the sand has not been allowed to dry out between cloudbursts.

This reminds of an episode of PBS Kids’ Arthur, where his family’s road trip didn’t turn out as planned…but everything turned out even better than originally expected, including a delicious tour of Flo’s Fudge Factory.  It also reminds me of one of Calvin and Hobbes’ camping trips, where they were rained out for the entire week; the sun poured in just as the family was leaving the cabin. 

It’s only Day Three in a weeklong trip, and we’re miles away from the comforts of home.  We’ve already read all our books aloud to each other (great fun when reading in the dark with flashlights) and have burnt dozens of marshmallows while grilling dinner in the rain.

With no sun in the three-day forecast, the kids are proposing a Mud Olympics, the messy, summer version of a classic snowball fight, but replete with water balloons, buckets of mud, and teams.  We’re driving out an hour to a local craft store this afternoon to buy fabric and paint to create signs, flags, and medals.  Although not in the original plans, this is going to be an incredibly fun time.

Have you experienced this?  What backup ideas did you come up with during your vacation?

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