Parenting Tips from a Complete Beginner Who Knows Nothing #1

Yes, there are plenty of well-written and thoroughly researched books, articles, and blog posts on parenting tips written by seasoned parents, retired teachers, and respected professionals in the fields of medicine and psychology.

However, if you are ever in the market for parenting tips from someone who is just starting out and knows absolutely nothing about raising children, here are a few.

  • For the newborn: Read those happy fairy tales and sticky board books with the creepiest voice you can.  I’ve been doing this lately, namely because it makes me laugh at my dorky self (otherwise, let’s be honest—these books can be pretty boring: I wholeheartedly agree with #5) and the little one is too young to realize that my creepy voice is supposed to be considered scary.
  • For the toddler: Slow down with them, literally! On walks to the post office or walking down the aisles of the grocer, I’ve come to recognize the need to go slow because of our world of learning distractions: everything is new! Every product, every shape, every feeling, and even every social interaction is a bit of new data being stored away in their ever-learning, ever-perceiving brains: so why not allow them to stop and smell those roses?  Or pet the neighbor’s dog? Or look at all the cereal box designs in the aisle? I need to slow down with them.
  • For the preschooler: Empty boxes make a great gift when they are young. A former coworker here at the Y shared this incredible idea: her kids are young, and for Christmas, she wrapped dozens of empty boxes of different sizes.  Not only did they have a blast tearing through all the wrapping paper with abandon, they proceeded to spend the holiday week playing with the boxes—creating walls to run through, building castles and houses to play in, and drawing along the sides.

Do you have any unprofessional, completely amateur advice on parenting?  I’d love to hear your own newbie observations!

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