Need Mom Time? 5 Things You Need to Start a Yoga Class

  • Comfortable pants and tops. During yoga, you’ll be stretching around a lot and bending those joints, so make sure to choose clothes that breathe easily, support your body, and most of all, feel good when striking a pose. 
  • Yoga mat. You’ll need something to perform the tree pose and warrior. When shopping around, keep in mind thickness (about 1/8 thick), material (vinyl is typical though eco-friendly options are available), and texture (stickiness and sliding). Just choose the one that’s most comfortable and feels right to you.
  • Water.  This is something you’ll need before and after class, since it’s normal to lose a few pounds of water weight during class. After stretching your body to the max, you may feel some toxins, so the H2O will help flush out some of the crud. Stay hydrated!
  • Towel. When sweating in the studio, you’ll need something to pat yourself dry again. There’s no rhyme or reason for picking one out—any old one will do. 
  • Blocks and Belts. For those of you just starting out, consider these two yoga tools. Blocks will help you with alignment, and belts (or straps) will help you with flexibility. Be sure to ask your instructor how to best use these props. 

Now, get into the hero pose and enjoy your yoga sessions, moms. This is your time to find some grounding again!

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