Memorial Day Reflections

We’re remembering all the fallen soldiers this Memorial Day. It’s also a nice time to relax with friends and family and maybe some encased meats. Holidays in general make me pause and take stock – of my life, of time, of my world.

My daughter is only five months old, but warnings to savor this time come uninvited from both friends and strangers. “They’ll be off to college in a blink.” “The longest shortest time.” I get the ‘longest’ part. In the middle of the night when she wakes up for another straight hour on the hour, those afternoons when we’re circling the block again to not wake her. What’s impossible, though, is to reconcile the idea that this tedium is to be savored, that before I know it she’ll be grown and I’ll long for those nights that go on forever because I’ve slept in 45-minute increments.

Yet peering into that sweet soft face, I know the day will come when we will not gaze lovingly at each other but will wonder how we’re at all connected, locked in a war of wills over curfews or some other teenage madness. And then, someday, I’ll long even for those days.

I guess the point is that we moms exist in contradiction. Our lives are at once joyful and infuriating, full of meaning yet devoid of meaningful tasks. And all of it deserves notice, acceptance, even appreciation.

You may not have any military ties, but you might feel battle-wounded some days. Here are a couple lighthearted things that I hope will make you smile.

What it’s like to leave the house with children

What happens when you think you have a moment to yourself.

Happy Memorial Day, moms!


Andrea Lee is a mom who’s winging it, just like everyone else. 

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