Here’s to you, Dads

Father's Day is Sunday! We do a lot of dissecting and bemoaning and celebrating this work of motherhood, but fathers are somehow often ignored. Now we hope to rectify our oversight in one day. Let's get to work, ladies!

We are the lucky ones. We complain about the burden of pregnancy, those long months of annoyance then acceptance that your body is not yours, that it is wholly given over to another being and purpose for that time. And then delivery! And recovery! But for all the sickness, the pain, the discomfort, we get to have this experience. We get to know, very intimately, that wonder of growing another life. To all the women who have wanted to have a child but could not, for all the dads watching helplessly from the sidelines while this person you love suffers to bear your child, we know we're the lucky ones. We get to experience ourselves doing an incredible feat and then bask in the satisfaction afterward.

If we’re breastfeeding, we know it can be a painful and frustrating experience at a time when our sleep-deprived selves are barely holding on. But we get to know what it’s like to nourish and comfort this child, while Dad has only made-up songs and bouncing arms to rely upon.

So this Sunday, we are thankful to the unsung fathers. For every dish washed, meal prepared, and tumbleweed of dust swept while we were tending to the children. For tending to the children when we needed time away. For trying to understand that which cannot be understood. For the times we might make you feel that you do not have license to bemoan your life station, because you do. Of course you do. And for putting up with us who, when declaring to celebrate you, have actually spent this post celebrating us. Again!

What are you doing out there to celebrate Dad this weekend? And Dads, what do you really want for Father’s Day? 


Andrea Lee is a mom who’s winging it, just like everyone else. 

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