Happy Together

Even though I know my tiny person is unfolding and that I’ll just have to sit on my hands a little longer to get to let the nooks and crannies of her personality come to light, there are some things that I cannot wait to foist upon her.

Today we checked off one such box: the swimming pool.

We all started out in water, but I never wanted to leave. I love the peaceful floating feeling when you’re in water and that you can’t hear anyone talking beyond a distant muffle. I love the temperature shock when you throw your sweaty self into a cool lake on the hottest day of summer. And that no matter how awkward your body moves on land, everyone is a graceful nymph in water.

At four months old, it was time to introduce my daughter to the wonders of the swimming pool.

We kicked. We floated on our stomach. We went underwater twice (and only snorted water once). We ate the pool noodle. We glared at other babies in our vicinity. It was bliss.

Even though I never consciously thought to myself “One day, my kid and I will love going to the pool together!”, it was a given in my mind.

So I’m steeling myself for the day when she can tell me her preferences and that those may not be the same as mine.

What do you love to do with your kids? Do they share your love?

Andrea Lee is a mom who’s winging it, just like everyone else. 

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