Gardening Advice That Will Help Your Kids Grow

  1. Planting the seeds for a good relationship. These days, your kids have things like TV and and hand-held games to pull them into their own little world. From the moment you plant those little seeds to the first day you see a hint of a tomato or spring flower, working with your kid every week to water the garden or the pots on your window sill can only help to strengthen your mother/child bond.
  2. Letting a little sunshine in. See #1. You can't tend garden sitting on the couch or lying on the carpet floor. Get your kids up, let them get a little fresh air, and after you've done a little gardening with them, they might just like the outdoor sunshine enough to stay out a little longer from some healthy playtime.
  3. Growing together every day. As a mom, you can help your child keep a journal of what's sprouting up from the ground. Record what you see, make some observations, and help your youngster experiment a bit with the gardening process. Your little-botanist-in-the-making might appreciate this later in life when plant biology shows up in science classes later in life.
  4. Reaping the rewards. It's all about the journey and how you got there, right? With gardening, you can literally taste the fruits of your labor. End the season with a special dinner with your child featuring some of the things right of out of your garden or off the window sill. Hopefully, this experience will have loaded your kid's plate with heaps of confidence and a sense of accomplishment.

Have you thought about some gardening time with your kids? Are you already planting and watching your fruits, vegetables, and flowers grow? How is gardening with your child benefitting your kid's life? Tell us more and share below!


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