Fourth of July

To me, the Fourth of July is as big as a holiday as those that close out the calendar year.  It’s a time where we come together with family and friends, where we in unison celebrate and reflect on our many freedoms with gratitude and joy. In the case of our multi-ethnic, military family, delicious food makes it way to the smoking grill; campy, patriotic songs are sung into the dusk; and we deck ourselves in red, white, and blue (even the grumpy teen accidentally joins in with his jeans and white tee).  At some point, we make our way to our town’s fireworks show, a family tradition for decades, to see the fireworks compete under a sky full of stars.

How do you plan to celebrate your fourth?   

I’m thinking of making a batch of this watermelon agua fresca.  Doesn’t it sound refreshing?

I wish I was high-brow and pop culture-savvy enough to say I watch House of Cards or the FIFA World Cup some other socially accepted programming.  The reality is that I am completely embarrassed to talk about the one show I do enjoy immensely: this nonstop hour of hilarity.  I look forward to it every summer.

Cliff and Claire Huxtable. Ina and Jeffrey Garten. And, to add to my ever-growing list of happy couples: Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward

Our little knobby plastic balls went kaput on us lately, so I’d like to give this homemade rosemary mint fabric softener a try.  The comments on this post make it a promising proposition!

I’d like to work on my negotiation chops. I’ll probably start with a small purchase, like at a flea market for a handsome used book.

What have you been enjoying online lately?  Let me know in the comments below!

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