Eat Your Veggies

Summer growing season is upon us! No more tasteless tomatoes in the grocery store! For the next few months, fruits and vegetables will beckon you with their fragrance, hinting at the bright flavors and sweetness just under the skin.

And today, I found the perfect way to cook those wonderful summer vegetables: a dry char. I was inspired by the cookbook Jerusalem (apparently now a craze!), which uses handfuls of spices and is not for the timid of heart or bland of tastebuds.

Without further ado, how to dry char a vegetable:

Heat a heavy pan to very hot. (Just nothing with Teflon, which will melt.) Toss in a chopped up veggie in chunks about an inch big. (I used broccoli tonight, but the book suggests okra. I think lots of vegetables would work well.) Let it blacken a little, then move it around so it cooks evenly. Look for the color to deepen.

Then, dump the broccoli in a bowl and toss it with some olive oil and kosher salt. Really, that’s all. And it’s delicious. The charring adds smokiness and brings out the natural sweetness.

What’s your favorite way to eat veggies?

Andrea Lee is a mom who’s winging it, just like everyone else. 

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