Does Your Child's Learning Style Matter?

Some kids pick up lessons early in life through fun songs. Others might need a set of markers and paper to process what they've learned. And there's always a child who needs to get up out his seat and move around to discover a world of knowledge. Does this sound familiar to you? Have you noticed that your child's achievement potential skyrockets when she pairs with the right kind of learning activity? 

Many educators across the country are finding that the three basic learning styles - auditory, kinesthetic, and visual - may affect how your son or daughter pick up school-based information. With auditory learning, your child may prefer to have their lessons read out loud to them or even put into a rhyme or song for easier processing. For children who lean towards kinesthetic learning, it make make sense to get them on their feet acting out valuable life lessons and concepts in playful skits or friendly sports-like competitions. Through compelling visuals and live demos, young ones who are visual learners may benefit the most. 

No matter what your child's education style may be, the Y has child care and after school programs across the country that elevate each of these learning modes. Discover what works best for your child by finding the Y nearest you to bring out a little self-expression or an inner artist that will help your kid reach maximum achievement in and out of the classroom. 

Is your child showing a specific learning style? If so, what kinds of activities does your kid like to do?

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