Do Parents Themselves Become More Creative?

I recently met up with an old friend who is a formally trained, professional painter.  When not poring hours over mixing oil paints for the right shade of blue and stretching canvases over wood, she was tutoring young artists in an afterschool program and booking shows at local galleries.

It’d been about a decade since I’d seen her, and I asked how the painting was going.  Her response? “I haven’t been able to paint since [her now four-year-old son] came along.  I’m the type to over-worry about things like his exposure to the paint fumes.  I do know I’ll paint again in the future, that being said.

“But you know what? You won't believe this, but I have seriously never felt more creative. [He] has somehow unearthed an entirely new outlet of creativity in me.”

This got me thinking: do individuals become more creative themselves once they become parents?

I attempted to research this: the only information I could unearth on Google were “creative parenting” ideas (such as art projects) and “how parents affect their child’s creativity”-types of I’m putting this out there for you. 

We can certainly joke about what the creativity is—coming up with new ways to get the kids to eat vegetables for some, and how to pass the time on a car trip for others—but all jokes aside: as a parent, do you feel that you have become overall more creative? 

I’m curious!  Would love to hear your thoughts!



PS On a related note, parents appear to indeed be better leaders in general, according to Fast Company and Forbes!

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