A Child’s Inheritance

He has his dad’s laugh.  It started out as any childlike chortle, but as he grew older, his laughs settled into what could only be described as a stifled guffaw, replete with the laugh lines around his eyes that crease deep and happily.

It’s funny, at the start everything about him seemed new.  Suddenly, as if overnight, everything about him is…not old.  Old is not the word.

Ah! Familiar.  Familiar is the word.  Everything about him is familiar, namely because how he laughs—and how he sits often stretched out across an armrest, and how he drinks leaving a sip at the bottom of every glass, and how he thinks out loud until he comes to the funniest conclusion he can—is directly like his dad.

I wonder, what else will he inherit from his father?  Can’t wait to find out.  Although, I do hope he takes out the trash more often that his dad does!

What have you noticed in your kids: what personality traits have they inherited from you?

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