Baby’s Best Friend

When we first brought our baby home, we weren’t sure how our elderly cat, Lester, would react. I tried to put myself in his paws. His train of thought probably went something like this.

“Hmm. Female human is growing quite rotund. Male human seems to like the growth, as evidenced by touching the large balloon-shaped belly and smiling. Very different than his callous reaction to my own expanding belly, which I was not rewarded for at all, and in fact had to eat “special” new food akin to my cardboard scratching mat.”

Then, all of a sudden, we leave for a few days and return with another human!

“What is that! So much hairless flesh. And those sounds! Why are we so interested in this noisy creature! Why aren’t we taking it back!”

In those first few days, our baby’s cries sounded identical to Lester’s meows—like a squeaky door. Lester often meowed in sympathy with Juniper just as he comes to let me know that I’ve turned the water on in the bath. I imagined him thinking: “Something’s wrong! Isn’t anyone going to do anything?”

Perhaps you’ve seen the most adorable Tumblr feed of a dog and her matching babyfriend. These photos have made me unreasonably jealous of the baby and dog relationship, which seems much more loving than the mixture of contempt and boredom that our Lester has for our Juniper.

How do your pets get along with your kids? Do I have anything to look forward to in the cat-baby relationship? Give me hope!


Andrea Lee is a mom who’s winging it, just like everyone else. 

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