“Life’s Little Instruction Book: Waterproof Edition” and Other Links

So much pastel and merriment crowded the web this past week. Also a heaping spoonful of gefilte fish. We rounded up those links with a few of their friends. Enjoy!

It goes without saying to this crowd, but some of life’s greatest lessons are learned within the lane lines.

Scenes from an Easter that makes all the stops: sugar, church, red dye number five.

More scenes, with added whimsy filter.

Food: friend, foe, family. Mostly family.

Should “FaceTime with Grandma” replace this icon from yesteryearSigns point to yes.

Talking and listening. Simple concept, requires constant attention.

Note to self: don't do these things.

And in case your internet broke last week: no one signs up for the mom job. (Favorite quote: “Is that even legal?”)

Andrea Lee is a mom who’s winging it, just like everyone else. 

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