Tammy Bolduc

After an 8 year career in the for profit sector working for a large investment firm, I decided to follow my passion and come work for the YMCA, a Cause-Driven organization. My career began in April of 2008 at the Capital District YMCA.


Currently, I lead Living Our Cause for the association, am a Y-USA trainer for several courses, lead trainings and employee initiatives, assist our President/CEO and take on several special projects.  

What Is Your Passion?

When asked the question, “What do you do at the Y?” we all should try to think beyond the tasks and day to day activities and say, “I am a cause-driven leader who helps to change lives and strengthen my community and that's a great feeling.” It doesn’t matter what tasks we have, we are all doing something as part of the greater good for the movement as a whole and we each are here because of our passion for the work.             

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