Shawn Dunn

Shawn Dunn currently works at the YMCA of the USA and previously worked for the YMCA of Greater Kansas City and Muscatine Community Y and interned at the Black Hawk Family YMCA in Waterloo, IA. Her 15 years in the YMCA movement has allowed her to have some of the best jobs in the world at the Y. A constant while working at the Y has been running, she loves to take a meeting outdoors and let it help inspire her.

Shawn has completed a lucky 13 marathons, numerous half-marathons and two triathlons. She considers herself very fortunate to work for an organization that encourages and promotes healthy living.

I'll Have a Run for Lunch

CoachTonyVan D's on vacation this week, so check out our guest blogger, Shawnie D!

One of my favorite things to do is to run with colleagues over my lunch hour. There are days when I feel like I accomplished more during my thirty-minute run than my eight hours at work that same day. I find that I am more honest, direct, and open-minded when having a conversation while running outside versus in a meeting room in the office. 

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