Jesus Andres Castaneda Sosa

My name is Jesus Andres Castaneda Sosa but everyone calls me Jesus. I am seventeen years old. My interests are wide, but I put a lot of effort into all of them. In the academic side, I have been in robotics club for 3 years and, in 2013, my team won the state VEX robotics championship. I also have competed in the math, science, and informatics olympiads. Also, I participated in Youth In Government™ and the Conference on Nationals Affairs (CONA).  After school, I run for cross country and track and field. During my free time, I program websites and economical analysis algorithms, and I also take online college classes of software engineering. I currently live in Bluffton, South Carolina, although I was originally born in Mexico.

My Best High School Experience

Youth In Government™ is by far my best high school experience. Many people do not know how to deal with conflicts; they sometimes yell at each other. But at Youth in Government™, I learned that no matter how blatantly different two opinions are, there is always a way to discuss it in an organized and peaceful manner.

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